2019 Exhibits

Who Are Presbyterians?

Reformation 500

From John Knox in Scotland to Presbyterians in the American Colonies, this semi-permanent exhibit explores all facets of Presbyterianism, including the impact of the Reformation. It features drawings, books, documents and more.

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Missions to Central America & the Caribbean

19th & 20th centuries

Exhibit traces the clashes with Presbyterian and Reformed Church missions and governments and the Catholic Church from Cuba to Latin America.

Opens Spring 2019

Archaeology in the Holy Land - Oil Lamps

Immersive (excavating) exhibit allows the young and young at heart to satisfy their inner Indiana Jones, while also viewing Biblical pottery.

Open through mid-May 2019.

Won't You Be My Neighbor? New Exhibit

Semi-centennial of "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" television show debut and Presbyterian Rev. Fred Rogers.

Open through mid-May 2019.

Diplomats, Missionaries & Montreat

WWII Repatriations and Detention

Exhibit explores Montreat’s role during the early days of World War II. When WWII broke out in December 1941, American and Axis diplomats, businessmen and other non-combatants were suddenly in enemy territory awaiting repatriation.

Open through August 2019 More

Child Labor Campaign

Alexander McKelway & Photos of Lewis Hine

This exhibit explores the first successful federal campaign to regulate child labor. Led by Presbyterian Rev. Alexander McKelway & photographer Lewis Hine, this campaign exposed unsafe working conditions that children faced in textile mills and other industries.

Open through August 2019 More

Alice Margaret Dickinson

Pioneering Montreat Photographer

A rare female professional photographer at the turn of the 20th Century, Alice Dickinson captured early Montreat vistas and more. She was the first woman professional photographer in the Swannanoa Valley and among the top 30 earliest women in the state who operated a photographic studio.

Open through August 2019 More