Inklings Conference Speakers

The Presbyterian Heritage Center is proud to announce a new Inklings national conference in Montreat, NC, on March 16 - 18, 2022. "From Shakespeare to the Inklings: The Bible's Impact on Creative Imagination" will feature world-renowned scholars and gifted presenters that will focus on many topics, including the Inklings — C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, Barfield, Williams, Warren Lewis, and Dorothy Sayers. More speakers will be added to this page as they are confirmed.

The Bible’s Impact on Shakespeare & Early Renaissance Literary Icons

Professor Hannibal Hamlin

Dr. Hannibal Hamlin, professor of English and member of the Center for the Study of Religion, Ohio State University.

Author of selected books:
The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare and Religion, edited by Hannibal Hamlin. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2019.
The Bible in Shakespeare. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013.
The King James Bible after Four Hundred Years: Literary, Linguistic, and Cultural Influences, ed. with Norman W. Jones. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010.
The Sidney Psalter: Psalms of Sir Philip and Mary Sidney. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009.
Psalm Culture and Early Modern English Literature. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004.

Pilgrim’s Progress/Pilgrim’s Regress – From John Bunyan to C.S. Lewis

Dr. David Downing

Dr. David Downing, co-director of The Wade Center at Wheaton College. He also serves as an editorial consultant for Blackwell’s Books, Cambridge University Press, Notre Dame University Press, and several other academic publishers.

Author of selected books:
The Pilgrim’s Regress: The Wade Annotated Edition, (2014)
Into the Wardrobe: C. S. Lewis and the Narnia Chronicles, (2005),
The Most Reluctant Convert: C. S. Lewis's Journey to Faith, (2002),
Into the Region of Awe: Mysticism in C. S. Lewis, (2005)
Planets in Peril: A Critical Study of C. S. Lewis's Ransom Trilogy, (1992).

From Inspiration to Illumination: Telling the Story of Creative Illuminated Manuscript

Tim Ternes

Tim Ternes, program director, Hill Museum & Manuscript Library, and curator of the Saint John’s Bible, at Saint John’s University. Since 2004, Ternes has overseen programming support for HMML and as The Saint John's Bible director.

In his role, Ternes works closely with students and faculty in the history, theology, and art departments at the College of Saint Benedict-Saint John’s University; oversees the Bible touring exhibitions, and curates the on-campus exhibition program for the Bible and HMML rare book and art collections; supports HMML’s on-campus scholar programs; and oversees all of HMML’s public programming. He travels extensively throughout the country offering presentations and educational programs for The Saint John's Bible and HMML collections.

Soldier, Writer, Inkling: A Life of Warren Hamilton Lewis

Don King

Dr. Don King, Professor of English, Montreat College. Dr. King will make his remarks via Skpe from Oxford, England, where he will be leading his students on an annual trip on Lewis and the Inklings. Several times, he has led week-long summer seminars on Lewis at Lewis’s home, the Kilns, for the C.S. Lewis Foundation.

Author of selected books:
Plain to the Inward Eye: Selected Essays on C.S. Lewis, (2013)
C.S. Lewis, Poet: The Legacy of His Poetic Impulse, (2001)
Hunting the Unicorn: A Critical Biography of Ruth Pitter, (2008)
Out of My Bone: The Letters of Joy Davidman, (2009)
Yet One More Spring: A Critical Study of the Works of Joy Davidman (2015).

The Bible & Faith in C.S. Lewis’ Science Fiction

Hal Poe

Dr. Hal Poe, Professor of Faith & Culture, Union University. Author of 18 books, he has written a C.S. Lewis biographical trilogy (currently being published in 2019, 2021, 2022.

Author of selected books:
The Inklings of Oxford (2009),
Science and Faith (2000),
C. S. Lewis Remembered (2006),
Becoming C. S. Lewis: A Biography of Young Jack Lewis, 1898 - 1918 (2019, vol. 1)
The Making of C. S. Lewis (1918–1945): From Atheist to Apologist (June 2021, vol. 2)

Shattering the Stained Glass: Dorothy L. Sayers & the Bible

Crystal Downing

Dr. Crystal Downing, co-director of The Marion E. Wade Center at Wheaton College. The Wade is the premier North American deposit of archival and library materials for the Inklings and some of their friends and influences.

Author of selected books:
Writing Performances: The Stages of Dorothy L. Sayers (2004),
How Postmodernism Serves (My) Faith (2006),
Changing Signs of Truth (2012),
Salvation from Cinema: The Medium Is the Message (2016),
Subversive: Christ, Culture, and the Shocking Dorothy L Sayers (2020).